The state offers a wide range of publications to provide information to residents. The publications cover a variety of topics, as listed below. To download a free copy, just click on the title.

Learn about the Michigan Legislature and state government

PDF Icon Citizen's Guide - 2013-2014 Citizen's Guide to State Government

PDF Icon For the People - How State and Local Governments Operate

PDF Icon Michigan Constitution - The Constitution of The State of Michigan of 1963

PDF Icon Michigan Open Meetings Act & Freedom of Information Act - An Act to Require Disclosure of Public Records and Meetings of Certain Public Bodies to be Open to the Public

PDF Icon Your State Capitol - Michigan State Capitol History and Tour Information

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Publications for Michigan's seniors

PDF Icon Changes and Choices - Legal Rights of Senior Adults

PDF Icon Peace of Mind Guide - A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Medical and Legal Decisions

PDF Icon Services for Seniors - Laws and Programs for Senior Adults

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Publications for children and students

PDF Icon Child Safety Coloring Book - Coloring with Michigan State Police

PDF Icon Getting to Know Michigan - Michigan's Symbols and Products Coloring Book

PDF Icon Recycling & Learning - Activity Book and Coloring

PDF Icon Portraits of Michigan - History and Facts on Michigan

PDF Icon Moving On - Rights and Responsibilities of Young Adults

PDF Icon The Legislative Process in Michigan - A Student's Guide

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Publications for family emergency and child safety

PDF Icon A Family Preparedness Guide - An Emergency Instructional Guide

PDF Icon Your Child - A Parent's Guide to Health and Safety Book

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Publications for homeland security, consumer protection and veterans

PDF Icon Consumer Protection Resource Guide - Consumer Rights under Michigan Law

PDF Icon Homeland Security in Michigan - A Cooperative Network of Local, State, and Federal Action

PDF Icon Veterans Benefits and Services - Federal, State, and Local Program

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Michigan's natural resources

PDF Icon Michigan Natural Resources and Environment - States Natural Resources and their Management Overview

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Miscellaneous publications

PDF Icon Crime Victim's Constitutional Rights - Information on Crime Victims Rights Act and Crime Prevention

PDF Icon Domestic Violence - A Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention & Resource Guide

PDF Icon Drugs & Alcohol Abuse - A Parents/Child Guide to Michigan Law

PDF Icon Tenants and Landlords Guide - Understanding Leases, Security Deposits, Eviction Proceedings

PDF Icon Michigan Friend of the Court - Support, Custody and Visitation for Michigan Children

PDF Icon 2014 Taxpayer's Guide - The latest information on many of Michigan's tax laws

Note: If you are having problems downloading the file, Right-click on the link above and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As." Then save the document in any directory and access the file through your Reader.

Please Note:

In order to view or print the PDF files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat viewer, which can be downloaded for free here.


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